• Platinum Hail and Dent Solutions

    Platinum hail and dent solutions gives you an alternative to removing those annoying dents in your Vehicle. We cater to the everyday consumer, to trade companies and also to insurance companies.
    Platinum hail and dent solutions operates from our smash repair location in Tweed Heads. When your vehicle is hail damaged the great thing about us is we can handle your hail damage claim all under the one roof.
    We pride ourselves on our quality repairs and take a professional outlook when restoring your damaged vehicle back to its original condition.
    No matter how big or small your job is, please give us a call for a competitive quote.

  • We will need to look at the damage to be able to advise you on the correct method of repair and also to give you an accurate quote. Please contact our office to arange a time to come in for a no obligation, free of charge quote.

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  • PDR is a time efficient and cost effective way of removing dents and hail damage from your motor vehicle without panel beating or spraypainting. We use specially designed tools to reach into the panels, getting underneath the dent and slowly massage and manipulate the damaged area back to the manufacturers original condition. We can repair dents of all sizes depending on depth, location and severity in aluminium and metal panels.

  • There are many benifits of PDR. These include;

    • smaller dent repairs can take as little time as one hour and for larger repairs your car is still back on the road same day (this excludes hail damaged vehicles).
    • the price of dent removal can sometimes be a quarter of what it would cost to repair the damage by conventional method.
    • the panel is restored back to its original condition, without using fillers and without affecting the manufacturers original paintwork.
    • there is generally no extensive dismantling of motor vehicle.
  • Does PDR affect the paint work?

    Generally it does not, but this depends on the severity of the dent. At the time of your quote our skilled technicians will advise you if there will be any paint defects giving you the option on other methods of repair.

    What if the dent has a mark or scratch in it?

    If the mark has not gone through the paint work this can generally be buffed out. If there is a paint chip, touch up paint can be used to help with the appearance and to help protect the metal. We are more than happy to help you with either of these circumstances.

    What can we fix?

    We can fix all sorts of dents including shopping trolly dents, door dings, creases, large depressions and also hail damage. Even if you are not sure as to whether your damage can be fixed by PDR, it is a good idea to have a technician look at it for you cause you might be suprised at what we can fix which could save you money and time.